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Wet Earth Colliery

At Clifton Country Park are the industrial remains of Wet Earth Colliery. Established around 1740, the colliery was one of the first deep mines to be sunk in the Irwell Valley.

Wet Earth Colliery is important for three main reasons: it was the first deep mine to be sunk in the valley, and had the first application of steam winding in the area. Secondly, it had a very long working life: from around 1750 through to 1928 - almost 180 years. Finally, its association with James Brindley and his ingenious hydraulic pumping scheme for the colliery, which was in continuous use from 1756 to 1924, just before the colliery closed.

Today you can explore the remains of this important piece of history via the Wet Earth Colliery trail which includes:

  • The Colliery Engine Shed
  • Penstock Arch
  • Gal pit
  • Wheel chamber
  • Cottage
  • Fletcher's folly
  • Fan house

To find out more you can download one of our brochures and maps to help you explore this part of Salford's heritage (all documents are Adobe pdfs).


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