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Attrape-Moi! (Catch Me)

Attrape-Moi! (Catch Me)An evening of spectacular tumbling and circus acrobatics, perfect for all the family!
Join Flip FabriQue, a young company of rising circus stars, coming straight from Quebec, Canada.
Spend the evening with these six acrobats in the home of their childhood and witness their acrobatic reunion in a unique and dizzying experience!
A circus performance of teasing, companionship and joy for life, touched with the sadness that such moments are fleeting.
Summer is drawing to a close, the Sun is setting on the last day of the holidays. Silence reigns and our friends, their hearts a little bit heavy, know what this silence means. Good-byes are made as the companions, eager to enter the adult world, separate…
10 years later and the six friends return to the chalet of their past. Everybody is here and everyone rediscovers their corner of paradise. The reunion provides the perfect opportunity to put their differences aside and revive a touching friendship. Their shared desire to play and make a spectacle of themselves allows them to become, for a moment, a burst of energy once more.

Date: Tuesday 3 April 2018

Price: From £10


The Lowry, Pier 8, Salford Quays, Salford M50 3AZ

Phone number: 0870 787 5780


Email address:

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