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Salford Lads' Club

Salford Lads' Club gained fame in 1986 when the band The Smiths posed in front of it for the inside cover of their album The Queen Is Dead (the photograph was taken by pop photographer Stephen Wright). The club is on the corner of St Ignatius Way and Coronation Street in Salford and is a place of pilgrimage for many Smiths fans.

The club also featured in the music video for The Dream Academy's "Life in a Northern Town".

It is now a site of pilgrimage for Smiths fans who queue up to have their picture taken under the distinctive green and white sign.

Salford Lads' Club was established in 1903 as a purpose built club for boys. The club has continued to provide this facility for more than 100 years and is now considered to be the 'finest example of a pre First World War club surviving and operating today' The club is now open to girls and boys.

The club was officially opened on 30 January 1904 by Robert Baden-Powell, who in 1899 had written a book called 'Aids to Scouting' that, by 1903, was being used by youth leaders all over the country and a few years later, in 1907, led to the foundation of the Scout Movement.

To visit this fabulous building and recreate your own version of The Smiths album cover please telephone or email the club to arrange a suitable time to visit, or check their website for upcoming public events and open days.

Address: St Ignatius Walk, Salford, Lancashire, M5 3RX
Telephone: 0161 872 3767




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