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A-Z of Salford music

A complete A-Z of bands and musicians from or based in Salford. Got a comment? Were you in ones of these bands? Have we missed your favourite Salford sounds? Let us know by emailing

Acousia, Agency Music,Alfie, Amongst The Russians, A Precious Echo
Arena, Arthur Connett, Asbo, A Third Person, August of Simplicity, Awesome Precinct

Battle Axe, The Beans,Ben and Lee Harvey, Big Arm,Big Town, Black Grape
The Black Mountain Skiffle Group, TheBlackPaths, Black Velvets, Brownsville,Banned, Buzzcocks, Broke-N-£nglish

The Chancellors, The Change, The Chariots, The Chasers, The Chosen Few,
Chugalug, Circus Animals' Desertion, City Limits, Cleveland, Code of Arms, Con-Brios, The Cornerstones, The Cortinas, Cosmic Daisy,  The Country and Eastern Band, Craig Gannon, Cross to Bare, The Cymerons

The Dandelion Clocks, Dave Lee and the Leemen, David H.Lee, Daze, Departed, Demented Ambition, The Deodates, Deviation, Diamond Fantastic, The Dirty Waltz, Disjunct, Distortion, The Dooleys, Drawn in Spec, DSL, The Dyleks

Elevation, Elkenah, Elkie Brooks, The Establishment, Euphoria, Ewan MacColl

Face to Face, Fake Kings, Fast Cars, Feedback, Flynn, Freestealer, The Foot-Tappers, Force Ten, Forgotten Heroes, Fortune Tellers, The Fourtones, Fublic Dick, Fusion

Gamma, Gecko Levy, Graham Gouldman, Greenstone

Hanky Park, Happy Mondays, The Harpbreakers, Hell's Angels, Heywire, The Hitt, The Hollies, The Horde

Interpol, Inside Edge,  Intastella,Intrigue, The Irwells

Jealous, John Cooper-Clarke, Joy Division

Kaoss, Kersal Massive, Kingsize, Kranius, Kurb

The Last Line, The Latest Tradition, Life 'N' Soul, Living Dream, Long Hat Pins, Love Wood

The Maguire Brothers, Male Order, The Mearcatz, Me and Our Kid,  The Mekkits!, Menace, Monaco, Mythral Gold

New Order, The New Religion, Nicole Cox, Norman Jay & Vintage, No. 6, Not Another Emo Title

OCD, Omnibus, Option, Outrage

The Parade, Pepadine, Poppy Day, Prohibited, Purple Haze

The Range, Rare Seeds, Razor Cuts, Red Sails, Razor Cuts, Roach Twins, Revenge,Rockslide, Roots of Rhythm, The Rouges and Rod Gerrard, Rowetta, Russell Watson

Sabina Michelle & Company, Salford Cowboy, Salford Jets, Salford Sheiks, Salford's Last Resort, Same As It Ever Woz, Samuel Sharp, Scarlet Town, The 69ers, Space Whisper, Staggerin' Man, The Shadowcops, Shanty Town, Silent Faces, Smiffy, Solar Race, The Speakeasy, Spite, Stackwaddy, Stanley, The Statesmen, The Stuart Charles String Band, Stiff Kittens, The Stylos, Suite 57, Supanova, Sunshine, Suzuki Method, Sweet Chariot, Syncopation

Talkback, Tapestry, Thingumabob & The Thingamajigs, Tim Burgess, The Times, The Ting Tings, The Tribal Lords, Trigger Happy, Two-Tone Pinks, The Tyls

Ubik, Un4Given, Urban Blitz

Venuscruiser, The Vibes, Vision, Voice Culture

Warsaw, We Do Not Negotiate With Terrorists, Wellington Boothe and Geoff Smith, Winston Blue, Wolfbane, Wrongly Accused




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