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The Salford Standard

Putting Salford First

By putting Salford first, employers will work to create sustainable employment opportunities and raise the skills level of the Salford workforce.

Charter Mark Employers will:

  • Commit to creating training and employment opportunities for Salford people. In particular for the long-term unemployed, young people not in education, work or training (NEET); looked after children and lone parents.
  • Work in partnership to promote local employment opportunities and to encourage and facilitate learning and development of the Salford workforce.
  • Encourage their Salford-based sub-contractors to also become Charter Mark employers.

Buying In Salford

By buying in Salford, employers will help to support and grow Salford's economy and help businesses create local jobs and skills. We recognise this is a complex and challenging issue - but we expect the emphasis to always be on buying Salford-based goods and services.

Charter Mark Employers will:

  • Look to buy Salford goods and services at every practicable opportunity, while ensuring fair payment terms.
  • Work with Salford City Council and its partners to proactively source local suppliers.

Setting the Standard

By adopting the best possible working conditions and tackling low pay, employers will ensure that businesses thrive through shared rights and responsibilities

Charter Mark Employers will:

  • Create a positive working environment by rewarding hard work and recognising achievement by paying staff at or working towards the Salford Living Wage of £8.45 an hour.
  • Encourage a healthy workplace, good work-life balance and foster positive management-staff relations through regular dialogue, for example, with recognised Trade Unions.
  • Oppose the use of zero-hours contracts which undermine decent working conditions for employees.
  • Commit to the eradication of illegal 'blacklisting'.