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Sector strengths

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are discovering Salford's potential as an attractive location. With a move away from traditional industries, the city has seen a dramatic rise in service-based jobs. This shift has meant that Salford's workforce has had to be flexible in adapting to the new economy. Sectors including financial and professional services, public sector and construction now dominate the economy, underpinned by a strong manufacturing base. It is easy to see why Salford is an integral player in the regional economy.

Salford is not a city to stand still and, looking to the future, the creative, digital and new media sector is set to grow rapidly with the creation of Europe's largest purpose built 'Media City' at Salford Quays, which will be supported by an expanding ICT and digital communications sector.

To learn more about the individual sectors, including key businesses already here, use the links or contact the team.