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Guide to Planning Decisions

Dependent on your development plans, you may need to seek planning approval, the following links may help guide your development plans:

Salford's Planning policy - The Unitary Development Plan (UDP) is a statutory document that sets out the council's planning policies that will be used to guide development, conservation, regeneration and environmental improvement activity in Salford. Decisions on planning applications must be made in line with the UDP, unless there are clear material considerations which dictate why this should not be the case.

Looking for more information - a range of planning research projects and survey results are available which may help you with your business decisions, these range from housing requirements to future employment land supply.

Development Management (Planning applications)- is a positive and proactive approach to shaping, considering, determining and delivering development proposals. It is led by Urban Vision on behalf of Salford City Council, working closely with those proposing developments and other stakeholders. It is undertaken in the spirit of partnership and inclusiveness, and supports the delivery of key priorities and outcomes.

Pre-application advice is encouraged to ensure your application, if required, is processed as quickly and smoothly as possible. Types of applications considered can include operating a business from home, a change of use (eg shop to office) to major development schemes. You can view and comment on all current planning applications that are being considered at the moment, and to help understand the jargon you may find the Commercial property use classes and classifications guide useful.

Building regulations- Most building works require building regulation approval to ensure the work carried out meets set standards to ensure that buildings are structurally sound, safe in the event of fire have adequate drainage, ventilation and toilet facilities, are accessible for disabled persons and are energy efficient to heat and light. This is independent of any planning requirements..