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Linking with Schools

Enterprise Advisor Network

Ever thought about partnering with a school to help get young people better prepared for the world of work?

Feeling frustrated by the lack of employment/sector skills some young people have?

Are you well networked with a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help drive forward this agenda in schools and colleges?

If the answer is yes we want to hear from you!

Greater Manchester (GM) is one of the country's most successful city-regions, however in order to future proof our region we need to make sure that students are well equipped and informed about the opportunities available to them. Salford City Council is working with our partners at the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) to develop partnerships with senior people from the world of business with each Salford High school (and across the wider GM area) to create an Enterprise Adviser Network.

What is the Enterprise Adviser Network?

The Enterprise Adviser will work with a secondary school or college's senior leadership team to help drive forward the Careers Education programme and employer encounters that lead to young people being better prepared for the world of work. The partnership will involve an audit of the current provision and then look to develop strategies that really address some of the underlying reasons why some of our young people do not find it easy to move into the world of work 


  • One meeting per month with your nominated school plus remote support by phone/email to keep driving the action plan forward for the school
  • Commit to one full academic year


You will be supported by a full time Enterprise Coordinator to ensure you have access to all the information regarding programmes, initiatives and resources in order to make the partnership as successful as possible.


  • Directly influence how young people prepare for their future working lives in your community.
  • Build strong working relationships with a local school or college.
    Communicate which skills your business needs, allowing schools and colleges to equip their students appropriately.
  • Benefit from opportunities to connect directly with influencers to develop your personal and business network.
  • Engage in meaningful volunteering that will contribute to a successful Greater Manchester.

"We are helping, in our own way, shape and improve the workforce of tomorrow. Seeing a direct impact on a student, knowing that you have left an indelible memory that might just spark their future, is pretty amazing, and humbling. What a privilege."

Kevin Rogers, Chairman of the Board of Management of Wilson Browne LLP



A young person who has 4 or more quality encounters with an employer is 86% less likely to be unemployed or not in education or training, and can earn up 18% more during their career 










At the moment only in 40% of schools are young people receiving this kind of an encounter, and unemployment among young people is 3 times higher than adults

 To get involved please contact Sarah Scanlan  or telephone: 0161 778 0461.