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Skilled workforce

The city has a manufacturing heritage to be proud of, but with a move away from traditional industries, the city has seen a dramatic rise in service based jobs. This shift has meant that the workforce has had to be flexible and adapt to the new economy. Sectors including the financial and professionalcreative and new media and other business services now dominate the economy and it is easy to see why Salford is a thriving knowledge economy.

With a highly acclaimed university on the doorstep, in addition to the network of universities within Greater Manchester, the skills of the workforce continue to grow and offer a flexible and skilled workforce now and in the future for business located here.

Businesses located in Salford are able to draw from the local working-age population of 150,800 people, with 63.3% currently in employment. In addition,with the wider Greater Manchester region, and cities such as Liverpool within easy reach, businesses have more than 1.5 million people to draw on within a 45 minute travel to work journey time.

In comparison to other cities, Salford's workforce is competitively priced, with the gross weekly earnings at £461.70, lower than many other large cities including Liverpool (£485.10) and Manchester (£514.30).

If you need help with recruitment, the Skills and Work team can put your business in touch with the right partners to find quality staff suitable for your needs and can further help your business by offering free recruitment support. Please contact