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Salford has a significant construction sector which overall is large in comparison to GM, NW and national averages. Medium sized businesses in construction (50 to 199 employees) comprise a comparatively large 8.33% of all medium sized businesses in the city, again significantly larger than in GM (4.65%), the NW (4.63%) and nationally (4.15%).  

However, according to the latest CITB-ConstructionSkills 5 year forecast, "the face of the construction industry is set to change with output in construction expected to fall by 3% during 2012 - and nationally a further 45,000 skilled workers and trades people will be lost as economic uncertainty continues. The hard fact remains that despite an increase in growth from 2013 onwards, output and employment levels in construction will not have reached their 2007-8 levels by the end of the forecast in 2016."  

The local construction sector in Salford will not be immune as the North West has been identified as one of two regions that are predicted to suffer decline in output. Therefore, it is important that local businesses within the sector remain competitive, compliant and  vigilant to sub-contract or supply chain opportunities that may be created by the expected pipeline of developments within Salford.

Development and local economic benefit 
The Construction Handbook has been produced by the city council to assist developers and contractors,  involved in major developments within the city, to contribute to the economic wellbeing of the city, its residents and local businesses.

Support for construction