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Green Business Growth

Business efficiencies
Increasing energy efficiency is an important way of reducing fuel costs for businesses, making them more competitive and releasing funding for reinvestment. Clearly, projected rises in fuel costs will further increase the actual level of efficiency savings. These savings could be reinvested in training or employment opportunities. Businesses are increasingly likely to face new forms of carbon taxation or "cap and trade" regulation. It will be in their future interests to be energy efficient and increase their access to clean renewable energy technologies.

Green Growth
Green Growth is here to help you increase your profitability by reducing your environmental impact and taking advantage of the growing market for low carbon and environmental goods and services. All of our support is tailored to suit your needs and delivered by expert advisors for more information visit Green Growth.

Stimulating the green economy

Businesses will also be under increasing pressure to buy green in response to the demands of their customers. The supply chain for the manufacturing, construction and service industries will need to meet raised expectations for high environmental standards. Salford City Council has set up an informal network of Low Carbon companies to take advantage of investments and collaborate on innovative projects such as Red Rose Forest.

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