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Matchstick image Ordsall Hall
One of Salford's oldest buildings with a long, illustrious and sometimes bloody heritage. Over 600 years of history are packed into this Grade 1 listed building which has been in its time home to the Radclyffe family, working men's club, clergy training school and part of the war effort. Ordsall attracts visitors from across the globe, interested in architecture, history and of course the supernatural.


Worsley village matchstick image Worsley Village
Behind the picturesque village front, with canalside walks and delightful architecture, lies a revolutionary past. Birthplace of the Bridgewater Canal, industrious minds in Worsley sparked the transport revolution, which led to the Industrial Revolution, changing the face of Britain forever - you can't get much more important than that!  Today's Worsley is worth a visit just as much for the restaurants, pubs, walks and traditional village feel, as for an exploration of the still visible remnants of its industrial past.


Lowry matchstick image The Quays The Northwest's newest and most exciting visitor destination, The Quays originally opened as commercial docks in 1894 and now has been transformed by an influx of more than 200 businesses, restaurants, shops and venues.


Stephenson's Rocket matchstick image Chat Moss
Early proposed routes for the Liverpool to Manchester railway had to make a large detour around the peat bog at Chat Moss. Chief engineer George Stephenson argued it could be possible to cross the bog using an amazing feat of engineering ingenuity: the world's first floating railway line. Despite many setbacks, Stephenson refused to accept defeat and eventually the track at Chat Moss was completed in 1829. Find out more about Chat Moss.


Barton Aerodrome matchstick image Barton Aerodrome was the UK's first municipal airport and the original Manchester Airport, and still operates as a private airfield and home to the Lancs Aero Club today. Building commenced in 1928 and the first passenger flight took off in June 1930, Keen flyers today can try their hand at being a pilot by booking a trial lesson through Lancs Aero Club or can even try a vintage Tiger Moth flight through Delta Aviation.


Chapel Street matchstick image Chapel Street One of Salford's oldest quarters with an intriguing history. Today's Chapel Street is home to a thriving artistic community. Salford University, Salford Museum and Art Gallery and a number of atmospheric traditional pubs, while in past times, The Beano and Vimto called it home and Karl Marx was a regular at the Crescent!



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