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Buildings of interest

Bexley Square Bexley Square
Tree-lined Bexley Square gained notoriety in 1932 as the scene of the infamous 'Battle of Bexley Square' - a fight against the government enforced means test, and poverty in Salford, which went on to feature in the well-known play 'Love on the Dole'.


Salford Royal Salford Royal
Once the city's biggest hospital, this impressive building has now been converted into apartments. A memorial plaque on the building commemorates 14 nurses from the hospital who were killed in the bombing of the area in 1941.


Joule House Joule House
Home of the scientist James Prescott Joule (1818- 1889). Born in New Bailey Street, Salford, Joule is best known for his work on the nature of heat. As well as this building, the measure of heat he developed and a crater on the moon are named after him.


Sacred Trinity Church Sacred Trinity
Salford's original church was built as a chapel-of-ease to serve the growing population of Salford in 1635 and then rebuilt in 1752. It is a Grade II* listed building with the original features and was restored in 1873-74.


Salford Cathedral Salford Cathedral
Consecrated by the second Bishop of Salford, Herbert Vaughn, in 1890, it has the tallest spire in the city. The cathedral claims to be the first to be built in the cruciform shape since the Reformation and has a middle-ages feel thanks to architect William Hadfield.


Working Class Movement Library Working Class Movement Library
Opened in 1901 (despite being named for the Queen's Jubilee in 1897) the library contains one of the finest collections about trade unions, Labour history, working class movements and related subjects in the world. The building also houses a red plaque reading 'Ewan McColl 1915-1989. Marxist, singer, song maker and dramatist lived in this neighbourhood'.



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